Vendor Portal Release Notes

August 3, 2021



  • Notifications alarm bell on vendor portal and notification messages with detailed information

Music search

  • Music search results can be filtered by musical key type (major/minor)

  • Musical key type (major/minor) info added in track details


Music search

  • 3 times faster music similarity search

June 15, 2021


Main navigation

  • Menu items grouped into help drop-down and user drop-down to gain more space

June 8, 2021


  • Transactios view allows to preview and download of invoices


  • Improved localization

May 13, 2021


  • Quote now allow "never" as option for expiry date

April 15, 2021


Request for quote (RFQ) guidance

    • Redesigned quote box to make quoting easier

    • Quick selection of usages and territories with drop-down menus with less need to type

    • Add new usages quicker - you can now copy and modify an existing one

    • The usage “Other” allows you to define any other custom usage

    • Dedicated sections for versions, tags, duration and custom notes


    • proTunes web application is accessible on mobile devices showing the full size website with all its functionality

April 7, 2021


Multi-currency support

  • Agencies and Providers can select their preferred currency (USD, EUR, or GBP) in their profile settings

  • Exchange rates synced with the European Central Bank

  • European agencies may license directly with Providers in the US

  • Multiple currencies are supported by the Rate Card and by Request For Quote (RFQ)

Multi-language support

  • Agencies and Providers can select their preferred language (English, French or German) in their profile settings

Expiring transactions

  • Sort expiring transactions from newest to oldest and vice versa

  • Filter expiring licenses by status:

    • Not actioned

    • In progress

    • Complete

  • Choose action status for manual licenses or unavailable tracks

  • Receive expiring license notification 30 days prior to expiration date

March 17, 2021


Value-Added Tax support

  • Support flexible invoice templates for specific regional needs

  • VAT number is included for respective regions

  • Automatically calculate VAT percentage according to respective countries

  • Display EU VAT reverse charge notice when applicable

  • Provider address is included in invoice header


Music search improvements

  • Seed track for similarity search is pinned to the top of the search results list

  • Improved grouping of tracks for several catalogs

Transaction details

  • Transaction Purchase Order (PO) number and job number fields are optional

Content management and ingest

  • Support additional date formats for metadata CSV files:

    • October 04, 2010

    • October 04, 10

    • October 04 2010 (no comma)

    • October 04 10 (no comma)

February 16, 2021


New audio player for better search experience

  • The new audio player enables you to simultaneously continue your music search while listening. In parallel you can now:

    • Enter new search terms in the search bar

    • Apply new filters with the filter search

  • Take action within the new audio player:

    • Search for similar tracks

    • Add them to your playlists

    • Download audio files

    • License or request a quote

Dashboard and metrics detail filter

  • Clicking on bar graphs on the dashboard or in the metrics view shows detailed events for the selected user, track, or agency.

January 25, 2021



  • New support modal window replaces chat box to unleash more screen space for the music search result list

December 8, 2020


Music Search

  • More accurate and relevant sound-based similarity search results - via a next-gen recommender system based on AI

  • Ability to upload music or video files to the music search bar to discover comparable tracks within your library

  • Filter settings are maintained when starting a new search with different tracks

  • “Clear All” removes search filters from the search bar

  • More accurate tempo detection (BPM)


  • Playlists can now be shared with anyone