User Portal Release Notes

March 2, 2022


proTunes is now accessible for unregistered users

  • Music search is publicly available

  • Users can self-register and access more features such as playlists, and uploads

  • Self-registered users can request a PRO account

  • Users can request a product tour

  • Content offering according to your geolocation

Music segmentation

  • Quickly browser music by segments using the cursor left/right

  • Search for similar tracks based on a segment


Request for quote

  • Transaction details automatically include notes/special conditions of a quote

License document

  • Includes duration of the production

  • Includes duration of the music used within the production

August 3, 2021


Music search

  • Music search results can be filtered by musical key type (major/minor)

  • Musical key type (major/minor) info added in track details


Music search

  • 3 times faster music similarity search

Request for playlist

  • A single view of available providers with logo and name

  • Support for alphabetical sorting of provider names

Request for quote

  • User is informed if tracks are unavailable, and can contact support from the conversation directly

July 1, 2021


Request for playlist

  • Provider selection view optimized for quick info retrieval and selection

Agency user administration

  • Inactive and deleted users can be reactivated by agency admin

  • Improved error message when inactive agency user tries to login

  • User passwords support now allow to use symbols

Expiring licenses

  • Clearer language in expiring license notification email

June 15, 2021


Platform notification

  • Notifications alarm bell is more prominent

  • Notifications messages provide detailed information

Main navigation

  • Menu items grouped into help drop-down and user drop-down to gain more space

June 8, 2021


Platform notifications

  • Notifications automatically update without the need to reload the page

Playlist requests

  • Show more provider tiles


  • Improved localization

May 24, 2021


User consent

  • User consent at first login (tracks auditions, GUI analytics)

  • User consent choices editable in user settings

  • Anonymize data if user didn't give his consent


  • Help drop-down menu combining several option formerly located at main navigation

Provider list

  • Shows providers that are available in the region of the logged in agency user

May 13, 2021


Expiring licenses

  • Expiring license notification is sent the first time 90 days in advance (previously 60 days)

April 15, 2021



  • proTunes web application is accessible on mobile devices showing the full size website with all its functionality

Expiring licenses

  • Expiring license notification also 90 days in advance, besides 30 and 60 days

April 8, 2021


Expiring transactions improvements

  • Sort expiring transactions from newest to oldest and vice versa

  • Filter expiring licenses by status

  • Choose action status for manual licenses or unavailable tracks

  • Receive expiring license notification 30 days prior to expiration date

March 17, 2021


Value-Added Tax support

  • Support flexible invoice templates for specific regional needs

    • VAT number is included for respective regions

    • Automatically calculate VAT percentage according to respective countries

    • Display EU VAT reverse charge notice when applicable

  • Provider address is included in the invoice header


Music Search Improvements

    • Seed track for similarity search is pinned to the top of the search results list for reference

    • Improved grouping of tracks for several music catalogs

Transaction details

  • Transaction Purchase Order (PO) number and job number fields are optional

February 16, 2021


New audio player for better search experience

  • The new audio player enables you to simultaneously continue your music search while listening. In parallel you can now:

    • Enter new search terms in the search bar 

    • Apply new filters with the filter search

  • Take action within the new audio player:

    • Search for similar tracks

    • Add them to your playlists

    • Download audio files

    • License or request a quote

February 9, 2021



  • Better manage your expiring licenses with more clarity and guidance on what you can do next. A dialogue guides through various follow-up options such as:

    • Quickly renew existing licenses with the same terms

    • Contact provider to discuss a renewal with different terms

    • Confirm this license is no longer needed

    • Contact proTunes’ support

  • Improved clarity of call to actions in expiring licenses email notification


  • Start a new search quickly by resetting your terms and filters via the new clear all button in the search bar

  • Easily upload your own audio file to find similar tracks, straight from the search bar

June 10, 2020


Design updates

  • Nicer to navigate platform with a fresh new look

  • Access useful music search methods more easily when you first log in, such as:

    • Uploading a track to find similar

    • Requesting a playlist from a music provider

    • Browsing collections

  • Take key actions more quickly via streamlined music search results screen

  • View key information in redesigned emails, attachments and documents


Music Search Improvements

  • Find music you like from video files to find similar tracks in our catalog

  • Locate sub filters more easily with better readability 

Transactions Improvements

  • Track down the right transaction faster, with the ability to search by PO, Job, Invoice, and Transaction number

  • View key info upfront - with PO, Job, and Invoice, and Transaction numbers now visible in results.